Deny Parole to Terrorist. Hampig “Harry” Sassounian



Hampig Sassounian

Armenian Justice Commandos Assassin

In May 2017, California Governor Jerry Brown properly overturned the California Parole Board’s misguided decision to release JCAG terrorist Hampig Sassounian. Alarmingly, Sassounian is up for parole again on June 29, 2018. Sassounian assassinated Los Angeles Turkish Consul General Kemal Arikan at a busy intersection. According to the FBI, Sassounian was a member of the terrorist organization, Justice Commandos (JCAG), based in Armenia and Lebanon.

Armenian terrorism claimed the lives of 77 people, 44 of them Turkish diplomats, four of whom were gunned down on American soil. Armenian terrorism seriously injured more than 700 innocent people, including 25 Americans, 7 of them on American soil. Armenian terrorism caused billions of dollars in property damage worldwide, in over 260 bomb attacks. Importantly, Armenian terrorism targeted American professors and teachers who disagreed with the Armenian allegation of genocide, in a major assault on free speech.

Sassounian shows no remorse for his acts of terrorism, advocates armed struggle, and has been denied parole multiple times.

Sassounian must serve his life sentence.

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